About us

How was VobeSoft founded?

VobeSoft is founded by two friends in an attic: Roel Voogt and Jeroen Berens. With a background in gaming, IT and business, they realized maintaining or setting up a business backoffice like a CRM, service management or workflow management was a complicated and costly process. A process that is far too outdated. Adapting it was almost impossible without expensive consultancy costs. With their passion for entrepreneuring, they understood that there are more important things than keeping track of background processes. Your company has something to offer to the world and that is what it is all about. Together, they created a system that gets rid of all the fuss. Completely modular, configurable and tailored to your needs. This reflects in the costs. VobeSoft ensures that you can focus your precious time and attention on the things that really matter. Look at VobeSoft as a new colleague. No matter the size of your business.

Nowadays VobeSoft helps dozen of companies run their businesses more efficient, effective and successful.



The idea of VobeSoft was conceived while working out


Development of VobeSoft without help of investors


Start of the closed beta phase


First big customers are using VobeSoft


End of the closed beta phase

2017 - 2018

International launch of www.vobesoft.com with a wide range of products

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