"Thanks to the VobeSoft custom cloud platform our business operates more professional, streamlined and autonomous. Now we are totally in control!"
- Wilma Bakkers, CEO

Solution: Vobe Custom

Modules: Pipeflow and Forms

Atami created her own business platform focussing on leaner processes, workflows and creating one overview of all business objects using Vobe Custom. This is how Atami applies the VobeSoft platform:

Proces control system

Atami standardized her operations and processes with Atami’s custom VobeSoft platform. Where necessary, the four eyes principle is set. Internal auditing is supported.

Export order management

Each export order passes through a workflow with different departments. Every relevant department is involved with the correct export order. Departments can retrieve and add information. This way, every business unit has one version of the truth and management is completely up to date.

Product Development / R&D

New product ideas are stored in the VobeSoft cloud. Research & development will later explore these new ideas and create new projects and tasks in line with existing workflows.

Relationship Management System / CRM

All contact moments are stored and linked to relevant processes and lists. Sales funnels are generated and reporting is in place.

Complaint settlement

Complaints are dealt with professionally and provided with a 360 degree feedback.

Service management

Atami’s website is linked to VobeSoft. Therefore all requests or questions will be directly visible within the VobeSoft environment. These requests are handled directly in the correct workflow. When a request or question has not been opened for a long time, the system will send a notification.


Projects and tasks pass through a number of phases. These can be processed, inspected or created by all involved project members.

Fun Facts:

  • blueprints


  • saved object


VobeSoft saved us a lot of time and money. Never before did we make such a big change in such a short time period. Everything was ready far before the go live deadline, VobeSoft really took a burden off our shoulders.


  • Better and faster customer service
  • Processes are more transparent and efficient
  • No more excel spreadsheets
  • Savings in time and money
  • Clearer distribution of tasks and communication between departments
  • Valuable data and management reports

What does VobeSoft offer Atami?

Through VobeSoft’s simple and easy to configure platform, all co-workers know exactly what they need to do and what the priorities are. Management has a clear overview off the crucial processes. This enables Atami to quickly detect delays and resolve them. Both employee and employer know their tasks and work more efficiently together in a stable cloud environment.

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