Gulf gas and power

"Gulf Gas and Power is a 117-year-old start-up. Founded in 1901 and started selling power in 2017. Specifically for entrepreneurs. We strive for 100% quality. Therefore our priorities lie with structuring our conduct of business from the start. VobeSoft assists us in doing so. We are able to configure Vobe CRM as fits our business. We have explored various solutions, and Vobesoft has won the race."
- Michel Koornstra, Co-Founder | Managing Director

Solution: Vobe CRM

Modules: PipeFlow

Gulf Gas and Power has set up the standard module with Vobe CRM.
Find out below how Gulf Gas and Power uses Vobesoft on a daily basis:

CRM sales funnel

Gulf Gas and Power was looking for a sultutions that fits their business. After trying out multiple systems, Vobesoft appeared to be the best match. The advantage of Vobesoft is that it enables you to set up your modular system yourself. This made it easy for Gulf Gas and Power to create a system that met all their needs. With Vobesoft’s pipeflow module, Gulf Gas and Power has created various flows. A custom sales funnel is one of them.

Workflow Management

In actual practice, the CRM module enables Gulf Gas and Power to easily store power contracts and manage leads within the cloud. For each employee, worktrays have been created. These let them know what their tasks are and where the priorities lie. Adding to that, Gulf Gas and Power’s sales have been boosted with the help of Vobesoft’s solution. Workflows come along more efficiently and account managers are able to arrange all information neatly within the system.

File management

Relevant energy contracts or documents are stored within relation objects

Fun Facts

  • Increased lead Follow-up verbeterd


  • More error sensitivity


We were looking for a solution that fits our business. After testing various systems, we found our match in Vobesoft. Because Vobesoft can be configured in a modular way, Gulf has been able to create a system that meets all requirements.


  • Faster and better file formation
  • Better and faster customer service
  • Better collaboration between account managers
  • Cost savings
  • A more flexible business management
  • Professional and efficient processes
  • Everything organized in one system
  • The ability to create our own solution
  • Timely notifications of important leads
  • More control on every level

Organize work, customers, workflows or whatever objects you work with within your organization, entirely flexible. Cool organizations use the VobeSoft Platform to organize and handle work in their own unique way :).

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