"Because of VobeSoft we can offer our customers optimal service, our business operations are further professionalized and our processes are streamlined." "Within one day we could offer our customers a personalized service portal."
- Rick Kuiper, Operationeel manager

Solution: Vobe Service and Vobe Custom

Modules: Pipeflow and Forms

KEK in basis uses the Vobe Service solution. Additionally, Kek added some elements from the Vobe Custom solution to its VobeSoft platform.

Service management solution

For maintenance processes, Kek uses VobeSoft as a service platform. Kek's customers, suppliers and partners can add tickets through a portal. These will then be addressed directly to the right workers or departments. Tickets are prioritized, assigned and handled quickly and professionally.

HRM solution

Request for leave, personnel records, employee registration, kilometer registration, expense declaration, hours and sick leave. All data is recorded using the Vobe form generator through the KEK intranet. Every proces goes through custom defined workflows. From aproving declarations or sick leave.

Fun Facts

  • Excel spreadsheets destroyed


  • cancelled software packages


  • customer response time improvement


Vobe Service is scalable, reliable and everyone can work with it.


  • Clearer responsibilities between departments and staff
  • Prioritized lists
  • Unambiguous picture of the current state of affairs 24/7
  • Distinct division of tasks
  • Scalability
  • Manageability and adaptability
  • Fewer tooling and software applications required
  • No dependency on consultancy

What does VobeSoft offer KEK?

Kek manages maintenance matters , inspections and malfunctions. With selected partners they are responsible for nationwide, 24/7 coverage of urgent matters and Tailored maintenance subscriptions. This way they make sure the quality of the property, interior, extinguishers and technical installations are maintained. By logging into VobeSoft, all malfunctions and maintenance matters can be monitored. Before using VobeSoft, all notifications regarding service were received by mail, phone or messages into different applications. This led to many problems for a fast growing business like Kek. VobeSoft gives Kek the opportunity to adjust and scale their VobeSoft Service solution to their growth and ambitions. Kek makes their own adjustments within VobeSoft and creates a service environments that fits the company that is constantly evolving. This enables them to be one step ahead of their competitors and fulfill every customer needs. Thanks to the great flexibility of the VobeSoft platform, Kek has also configured other processes within in the VobeSoft platform. For example, the workforce and declaration worfklows.

Customers of KEK can easily enter tickets using their smartphone or other devices. These tickets are converted into to-do’s within VobeSoft. The work gets divided in workflows of the mechanics. Therefore all employees know exactly what they need to do and where priorities lie. Super simple and super efficient. Kek was able to set up their own VobeSoft environment. VobeSoft fits Kek like a glove, therefore they’ve chosen to expand their VobeSoft license and use VobeSoft for all of their business objects.

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