Standby Thuiszorg

"Patients, indications, care moments, care requests, cost tables, planning, invoicing. Everything is processed within the VobeSoft healthcare platform. Fully automated control over healthcare business operations. Standby thuiszorg uses the Vobesoft AI "artificial intelligence" technology that perfectly divides schedules and work. We are completely digitized and future-proof since using the vobeSoft platform"
- Huub Landman, Operational manager

Solution: Vobe healthcare

Modules: Helpdesk, Portaal.

Standby thuiszorg configured a completely new generation healthcare management system. Find out below how Standby thuiszorg uses VobeSoft on a daily basis:

Work distribution

In the old situation, care moments for patients were not automatically assigned to indications. VobeSoft is making sure that care moments can be automatically distributed over the active indications. By directly registering the schedule within Vobesoft.

Portal and e-mail module

Healthcare providers register and approve their hours via the VobeSoft portal environment. Employees of Standby thuiszorgmail send mail from within the VobeSoft platform to clients or care providers. When a client replies, VobeSoft immediately recognizes this and places the e-mail directly under the correct customer file, from there a follow-up is given to the conversation.

Statistics and invoicing

A widget with graphic and textual visualization of income forecast, purchasing costs and margin (percentage and absolute), filterable by monthly periods. Recorded when a care period is closed and by whom. An invoice is generated and placed in the files of the client. This invoice based on the rate of the indication, taking into account weekend and public holidays and level of care provider.

Workflow management

A list widget is created with unallocated care moments, no tariff indications, no caregiver moments, and more. Prioritization tab for indications of a client, where indications are linked to the client indirectly via care requests can be sorted by drag & drop.

Fun facts

  • less administrative work per week


  • increase in efficiency


"Standby home care is a private home care organization specialized in the organization of complex care needs. This involves complex processes that often change. VobeSoft is a perfect match for this complex branche as a total back office regarding healthcare"


  • Automated core processes
  • Cost savings achieved within all process areas
  • Next generation digitalization made relatively simple
  • Enormous time gains realized within complex processes

What does VobeSoft offer Standby home care and what seperates Standby home care from other home care companies?

Healthcare within the Netherlands has an extremely high overhead. A well-organized organization accounts for 16% of their turnover in overhead. This is money that cannot be spent for what it is meant for: "care". In view of the aging population, our country faces major challenges in areas such as the economy. This means higher taxes or poorer healthcare. However, this can also be done differently. Standby home care has been a specialist in elderly and terminal care for 20 years and now runs hundreds of thousands of care hours per year. And this with an overhead of only 6%. Standby home care delivers high quality care, focused on efficiency. This in combination with strong growth, there was a need for strong and solid automation and digitalization. VobeSoft is the backbone of Standby home care. All crucial processes run through the VobeSoft platform.

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