The core module is the foundation of each VobeSoft account and consists of the following features:

The Core Module serves as the foundation of every VobeSoft user.


Dossier / object builder

Create blueprints for any type of object, add fields and connect objects with each other. For example: tasks, tickets, customers, declarations, projects. Create custom fields within your blueprint objects and give them the type of input fields that you need; text box, dropdown menu, date pickers, multiselect boxes and more.


The right information always delivered to the right person or department with the help of an easy to configure notification structure. You can apply easy or extensive rules for notifications.


Create your own dashboard by making shortcuts to the features you use the most. Set up your personal dashboard with notes, lists and graphs of the information that matters to you.

Search engine

Find the right information with the VobeSoft search engine. Perform complex or simple searches. Even with the smallest piece of information, you’ll find any object within VobeSoft you are looking for.

Documents drag and drop

Save documents in the corresponding objects. Simply drag and drop files in the relevant VobeSoft objects to upload them.


Upload your files within the desired objects. For example: Choose images, spreadsheets, docs, email or PDF.


Unite all important company activities in one online VobeSoft calendar. Create calendar events for example important customer or project targets, events or tasks. The dates in the calendar are directly linked to the related objects. The calendar can also be used as an extensive planning tool.


Do you want to switch from your current system to VobeSoft? No problem, import a .CSV(Excel) file and you can get started! You can also easily export your files to PDF or Excel.


All relevant lists of information, tasks or leads from whatever object in one clear overview. Create lists easily, sort them and prioritize them.

Log widget

Gain insight of every new object that enters your VobeSoft environment. Check if objects are manually entered or via an external application, webform or app.

Note widget

Create notes in your VobeSoft cloud, quick and easy.

Chat widget

Work efficiently together with our chat widget

Right and roles

Give each user the correct rights and roles. Create role distribution through our CRUD system: create, read, update, delete. These roles and rights are dynamic. Meaning you can set permissions on objects per custom fields.


Use the @ character to tag any VobeSoft user. This way each relevant team member is kept informed about progress and mutations within files.

File overview widget

Search for filenames and find what you're looking for in one click, such as quotations or project documents.

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