Create your own webforms based uppon your VobeSoft objects and implement them wherever you want.

Tickets, service request, complaints or leads can be obtained from an external source. For example, a website, app or intranet. Everything you need is immediately visible in your VobeSoft account. The forms module ensures that all information is delivered to the right person or workflow.


Adjust style

Adjust colors, fonts and visible fields.

Upload files

The form module gives you the ability to upload files via the web forms you have created.

Define actions

Set up actions after filling out a web form:

  • Send a confirmation email
  • Show a message in a popup
  • Navigate to a website or landing page
  • Send a copy of the completed form by email


Create as many web forms as necessary. A web form for every purpose, in any language.


Give relations the opportunity to receive notifications of changes that are important to them.


Have requests end up directly in the right workflow.

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