Create overview by processing your data faster and smarter. Easily drag cards from one phase to the next. Get rid of all the complex excel files and post it’s on your desk. Organise and prioritize your organisation in a fun, flexible and profitable manner.

Keep an eye on everything

Keep an overview with the help of our well-arranged Pipeflow board. Drag cards from phase to phase. With the VobeSoft Pipeflow module you can organize and prioritize in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.

An example of a Pipeflow board:

For the sake of clarity we outline an example with 'tasks'. Make clear which tasks have already been done or have yet to be done. Whether the tasks are meant for customers, colleagues or suppliers. Work smarter by dynamically planning your activities and create overview in the status of your customer, leads prospects tickets or your sales pipeline.


Custom dynamic phases

Create pipeflows based on the properties of objects. For example, a custom dropdown field with statuses.

Make a team or private Pipeflow

Configure whether your pipeflow is public or not. When public you create a team pipeflow so every colleague can use this pipeflow.

Extensive filter options

Filter, search and create overviews based upon the properties of objects from which the pipeflows were created.

Statistics widget

View how many objects are in which phase. For example: the number of prospects, projects that are in a certain phase or tasks that are in the 'doing' phase.

Drag and drop

You simply drag and drop your objects on the board from phase to phase.

Colors and icons

Set the colors and icons that belong to the right phases.

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