Pipeflow module enhancement 13-06-2018
All cards of a specific Pipeflow can now be simultaneously expanded or collapsed.
List widget column resizing 13-06-2018
The columns of the list widget can now be resized!
List widget columns 13-06-2018
The amount of columns in the dashboard list widget now more closely correspond to the width of the screen.
Dashboard refresh 13-06-2018
The automatically real-time refreshment of the dashboard is now toggleable.
DossierPortal module permissions 13-06-2018
The DossierPortal module is now configurable in such a way that related dossiers can also be viewed with limited permissions, if desired.
DossierPortal module 13-06-2018
The DossierPortal module now accepts multiple users per dossier.
FileDirectories per dossier 13-06-2018
File directories are now configurable per dossier. Which removes the redundant file directories in every dossier.
File archivation 13-06-2018
Files can also be archived as of now.
Archiving 13-06-2018
EntityInstances can now be archived using the new archiving functionality. A mistake can be corrected this way.
Logging 13-06-2018
Every action on a dossier is now logged. Whether it be create, read, update or delete.
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