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Manage your relationships like a pro in a 360 degree customer view

Vobe CRM is more than just a CRM system. Vobe CRM is an innovative platform specializing in relationship management and sales. This way, you have access to all important information anytime, anywhere. Plan your tasks and maintain your relationships in the cloud, get a clear insight into your leads and share your progress with your colleagues. Everything in one clear overview. With Vobe CRM, you manage your relationships and your backoffice like a pro.

All you need is.., 1 screen

All important information available in one clear overview. Simply choose your widgets and select or create relevant lists, charts, and notes. Generate leads across all channels and unite them within your VobeSoft account.

Features and modules

We have developed Vobe CRM to make your life just a little bit easier. This customer relationship management system is designed to manage all your relations, chances, projects and more.


Build your own customized dashboard displaying functionalities and information relevant to you. Make notes, charts, lists, workflows and more.


All information you need, like tasks, leads, relations, projects or any you deem important, displayed in a clear list on your dashboard. Define criteria to filter out unnecessary information.

Roles and pernmissions

Assign roles and permissions to users to make sure nothing unexcpected happens to your precious data. With our dynamic permission structure, you can define, on any level, who can read, write, update, delete your data and more.


Create triggers for notifications to make sure your organization keeps being up-to-date about relevant business changes. Definable on any level and with any criteria.

Tag your colleagues

Use the '@' character to tag any colleagues of your organization. Your colleagues will be notified that they were mentioned. This makes collaboration more efficient.

Drag and drop

Drop or upload files to dossiers to relate them. This makes sure all your information is in a single dossier file.


Work efficiently using our chat widget. Chat with all fellow users within the organization.


Keep track of changes and events within the current organization.

Cloud Calendar

Join all your activities in one online calendar. Create calendar items for, for example people, events or projects. Your VobeSoft calendar is more than just a calendar: the dates in the calendar are directly linked to the related dossiers. Sign in with outlook, hotmail or google to incorporate their events into your VobeSoft calendar.

File overview

Get an overview of all files within your organization.


Make work easier by adding widgets to your personal dashboard.

Module: Pipeflow

At a glance, the total overview of your sales pipeline:

Customize your sales funnels

Divide your information, like relations, sales, project and more, using specific states. This way the state of your organization's processes are visualized.

Share your pipeflow

Share your pipeflow with colleagues, or not.


Apply filters to your pipeflow to only show relevant information.

Pipeflow statistics widget

A widget which shows you, at one glance, what is going on in each phase, whether it are projects, tasks or sales.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop to change the state of a specific item.

Kleurtjes en icoontjes per fase

Configure colors and icons to represent each phase or state. Making it easier to distinguish.

Module: Forms

Website link

With the Forms module it is possible to create input forms for every dossier. These forms can be placed on any website with relative ease. Once filled in the corresponding data will automatically be sent to your backoffice in which you can easily manage them.

Formulieren sales flow:

Ensures that all leads are dealt with by the right person.

Actions on completion

Configure which actions are to be undertaken after someone filled in a form. For example, redirect to a specific website, show a popup or send a confirmation email.

Module: Mail

Bring together tickets, service requests or leads within Vobesoft from different channels. For example from a website, app or intranet. All information is immediately visible in your Vobesoft environment. We make sure that everything automatically reaches the right person or workflow.

Automatic recognition

Create your own web forms from your Vobesoft files and implement them wherever you want.


The forms module helps you to work quickly and efficiently. Tasks and data are automatically assigned to the right person or department.

Don't miss out on the endless posibilities

With Vobe CRM you can import all your current data quickly and easily. Of course, we will be happy to help you with this.

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