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Offer the fastest and most efficient service to your customers

Provide your relations of the fastest and most effective service. Improve your customer service with Vobe Service. Provide your relations a platform for support, questions or tickets. Handle requests easily, structured and prioritized. Our cloud software is suitable for any industry.

One clear 360 degree overview

All important information clearly visible on one screen. Set up your own dashboard with the widgets that are important to you. Handle customer requests quickly and professionally.

Features and modules

Give your company the simplest, yet extensive, customer service system. Give your customers the opportunity to receive support tickets through each channel, monitor these tickets, prioritize them and, of course, solve them. VobeSoft is configured by experts with years of experience and now made available to you.


A never before seen ticket managing tool.


Deal with tickets based on their priority. Filter the tickets so you only see those who are relevant to you.

Work trays

Create structure and efficiency with filtered tickets and tasks on your dashboard.

Sign digitally

Has a ticket been handled? Sign it digitally.


With the help of our notifications, the message is always delivered to the right person or department. Receive an automated notification when an important event or deadline is near, or when an important item is added, modified or deleted.


Our wide range of widgets is constantly expanding, creating your personalized overview. create an overview of tickets based on criteria, communicate with your colleagues, save important notes, and more.

Contact history

See at a glance what the contact- and tickets history of your relation is. Know which colleague has had the last contact with the customer and what the agreements were.

Module: Forms

Website linkForms

Link Vobe Service to your website and let your customers enter tickets through your website.

Forms flow:

Based on the content of the filled in form, the ticket will automatically be delivered to the right person.

Up to date

Keep your customers up to date. Give them the option to receive notifications of changes within the tickets that are of interest to them.

Actions after form submit

Specify what actions VobeSoft should perform when a form has been filled in. For example, refer to a landing page, show a popup or send a confirmation email.

Module: Pipefow

At a glance, all the to be handled tickets.


Display all your tickets on one screen based on their status. Give each status a distinctive color and / or icon to quickly see which one has the highest priority.

Drag and drop

Easily drag tickets from one status to the next.


Apply or save a filter to further concretize your overview


See within seconds, in which phase your tickets are.

Module: Dossierportal

Offer your saved customers, relations, partners or another dossier the ability to login. This way they can see and possibly edit their own data and files in their own "my portal".

My portal

Your relation can login to enter their own data. Relations, for example, can take a look at their own supplied tickets. Providers can check in which phase his/her order resides.


Easily configure permissions for your relations that will login. Determine what data the relations can see and edit.

Module: Mail

Bring together tickets, service requests or leads within Vobesoft from different channels. For example from a website, app or intranet. All information is immediately visible in your Vobesoft environment. We make sure that everything automatically reaches the right person or workflow.

Automatic recognition

Create your own web forms from your Vobesoft files and implement them wherever you want.


The forms module helps you to work quickly and efficiently. Tasks and data are automatically assigned to the right person or department.

Don't miss out on the endless posibilities

With Vobe CRM you can import all your current data quickly and easily. Of course, we will be happy to help you with this.

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