Vobe Workflow

Management for controlfreaks

Unite your business on any level. Reconcile all departments and people with your optimized workflows. Create and configure a cloud workflow management solution that works exactly the way you want it. Set out tasks or processes within different departments and structure each department or business unit within the company.

Efficient workflows

Create the ultimate workflows. Employee and employer keep track of all processes using Vobe Workflow.

The features

Provide your company with a clear understanding of all processes. Vobe Workflow is easy to apply. Work smarter by making sure everyone knows their priorities. Vobe Workflow provides structured processes without losing sight of the big picture.

Streamlining processes

Predefined work-trays contain relevant information for a particular person when a file meets certain conditions. For example, approving a ticket, customer or declaration. In other words: Create overviews on any level with department or person specific tasks or objects on your dashboard.


Has something changed? Or do you want to remind a colleague of something? Then create trigger notifications based on changes within your company specific objects. This way the message is always delivered to the right person or department on the right time.

Custom fields

Determine out of which properties an object/dossier constists. For example an "employee workflow" naturally contains other entry fields than "sales", "claims", "declaration" or "press release workflow."

Roles and Rights

Allow users or departments to "read, write, delete, or create" Based on the roles you create.

Monitor the process

Create custom lists to get a clear idea about in which state your business processes currently reside.

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